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Opal ear climber (RIGHT EAR)

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Product Overview

Opal doublet ear climber and stud pair. Solid sterling silver and real opals.

The ear climber is for the RIGHT EAR.

Only normal lobe piercings required.

The absolute BEST thing about my ear climbers is that they DO NOT FALL DOWN and DO NOT PINCH your ear to stay up. The ear cuff holds the climber upright with a fitted, comfortable hold. No more constant adjusting, always falling, red pinched earlobes.


===> PLEASE READ... You will most likely have to adjust the ear cuff part for a proper fit. Use needle nose pliers with electrical tape or masking tape over the plier teeth so that it does not mar the silver. Do not adjust while wearing. Remove it, make small adjustment, try it on, repeat as needed.

Any questions please contact me.

For local purchases, I can adjust it for you when you pick it up.