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STORM Collection - Adjustable half cuff bracelet with Pietersite in sculpted setting

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Product Overview

This bracelet is a unique design I have called "half cuff". It looks like a cuff on top, but secured with a chain closure on the back. The closure ensures that it stays on. The chain also makes it more comfortable in my opinion (also note this is a hand made, flat-lay chain which is comfortable to rest your arm on things). It is adjustable from very small to very large, to fit anyone.


I have been wearing this piece all week to test the design. As a jewelry lover and someone who is especially picky about bracelets, I am really really pleased and will be making more like this.

This one is going to be hard to let go.


The stone is a gorgeous piece of Pietersite set in a hand sculpted setting.


Pietersite represents the calm after a storm, and the return to normal after the tumultuous times. May you smell the air after the rain and feel the peace after the storm.


Solid sterling silver.